Jeep Grand Wagoneer Hybrid

Reports mention that the next generation of the Grand Wagoneer will have an option of being a hybrid model. However, it is not too much of a surprise. The all new Grand Wagoneer is being groomed to compete with other luxury SUVs, like the Porsche Cayenne, or the BMW X-5. Both of which offer a hybrid drivetrain as an alternative. Mike Manley, the Jeep brand's chief of such matters, comments that the next generation will have a new level of electrical advances, and will be a gasoline and electric hybrid. The power part would be allowed to charge as a plug-in powertrain, like most electrical vehicles. So far, the Grand Wagoner is slated for sometime around the 2018-2019 years for its debut. However, there’s still much work to be done and a lot of different evaluations to consider. They need to narrow down the wheelbase choices, (if there are any), although it has already been speculated that the new Jeep will use the Grand Cherokee platform as its base. Though the Grand Wagoner will have three rows of seats, so size does matter when it comes to comfort for this luxury SUV. There are also rumors that the next Jeep Wrangler will also offer a hybrid powertrain model. So if Jeep does go that route, then they will have more than one vehicle that could use and share the same components. Such as electric motors and batteries. Chrysler already makes a Pacifica Hybrid option, so the FCA is familiar with the technology and challenges of a hybrid vehicle. Though the Pacifica is an FWD minivan and the Jeeps, of course, are RWD / 4WD. The Grand Wagoner will almost certainly offer Chrysler’s V8 HEMI as either standard or an optional engine, so don’t worry that Jeep has neutered the Jeeps just yet. It sounds like they make have a drivetrain for everyone, depending on how you drive and your preferences. Would you trail in a hybrid Wrangler or Grand Wagoner?