Jeep Hackers Showcase Potential Damage

Last year, Jeep hackers exploited a vulnerability in the UConnect system. This subsequently caused a recall of 1.4 million Jeeps, lots of finger-pointing and executives scratching their heads. Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller are cybersecurity researchers and they're going to showcase a lot of new tricks. Mainly, they can control the acceleration, steering and braking abilities.
"Imagine last year if instead of cutting the transmission on the highway, we’d turned the wheel 180 degrees,” says Chris Valasek.
Since hacking the 2014 Cherokee and paralyzing it on the highway, Uber's Advanced Technology Center recruited the duo. While the new tricks are a lot more disturbing, the hackers are unable to execute them over the internet. Instead, they have to plug a laptop directly into the system through the dashboard. Last year's hack prompted Chrysler to create a fix that keeps hackers from remotely accessing their network, but Valasek and Miller are certain it will happen again in the future. That's probably a big part of the reason FCA has been offering hackers bounties on the bugs they find. What's your take on the Jeep Hackers? Tell us in the comments!

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