We've got some Jeep hijinks to share with you today. If you've ever attempted anything other than standard driving in your Jeep, you might know how these guys feel.

Jeep Hijinks, Bloopers, and More

First, we've got this parking lot performer. He achieves three-wheel motion, then two-wheel motion,  for just a few moments before he rolls over his Wrangler. He's got a snorkel and a muddy rig, so we know he's capable of using it for what it's meant to do. This time though, he's ventured too far from the safe zone and pays for it. The clip is certainly good for a laugh. I like how the cameraman turns away immediately, then takes a peek back at the rolled Jeep. Below we have a 42 second cliffhanger. For such a short video it'll have you on the edge of your seat. Have a look.

We didn't think he was going to make it! It's a good thing he had his friend yelling gibberish at him the whole time. They wouldn't have made it without him. What type of shenanigans have you gotten into with your Jeep? Have you ever rolled it while attempting something legit or were you showing off? Tell us about your hijinks in the comments section or share other Jeep fail clips!

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