Ever hear of a Jeep passenger van? If you haven't that's okay, because there were only 3 made. Ever. Almost identical to the Volkswagen Type 2 "Hippie Van" it was created as an attempt to add to the Jeep line of vehicles.

The Jeep FC-150 Passenger Van

Jeep was trying to build their lineup beyond CJs and Wagons in the 50s. As a result Brook Stevens designed the Jeep FC-150 passenger van. Released in 1958, the passenger van was released, but the FC lineup was already declining, and was discontinued in 1964. Jeep-passenger-van-interior
There may not have been many made, but it's good to see some color pictures of Jeep's own Lochness Monster. It would have been cool if they made this concept for Moab this year next to the FC-150 truck. Since the inception of the VW Type 2 and the Jeep passenger van, many people considered to be "Hippies" have sought to live simple lives in and around their vehicles.  Some have been successful with the room available from these VW, Jeep, and similar autos. Others have upgraded frames in order to have more space and off-grid ability. Have a look at this inspired RV... Earth-Cruiser

The Earth Cruiser

In the spirit going off road, the Earth Cruiser is an RV built to go off the beaten path. It gives you the ability to travel in any season while still being comfortable enough to have a hot shower. Earth-Cruiser-interior
Quite a bit different from the Aussie taking on Africa and living in his Wrangler.  One awesome thing about the Earth Cruiser can pick up water from lakes and purify it for drinking. It's got a nice living space, extra tires, and even a "front porch." What does your dream build look like? Would you build it for living in or weekend  trailing?

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