Just because sales may have eased off a bit doesn’t mean the FCA and Jeep will be resting on their hands anytime soon. No, they'll keep going forward with their world domination of the SUV and offload markets. And soon, they’ll be beating on the doors of truck manufacturers from around the planet with their all new Jeep Pickup. Despite a bump in the road, most car companies would give nearly anything to reach the levels of vehicles sales from around the world that the FCA has. They came, they sold Jeeps, and they conquered. However, while Jeep sales have been dropping slightly, in some markets heavily, they're looking to bring the numbers up and get some new Customers on board. That means getting increased sales everywhere, and a plan is in place to do so.

Jeep Hopes to Increase Sales in an Overlooked Market

But one place that’s taken a beating in sales is Australia - and it's directly on their radar. Now, when I hear that, I picture a wide open country that was just born to make a Jeep driver happy. Deserts, mountains, forests, even snow. I can’t imagine NOT having a Jeep. Why settle for less when you can get the best? It seems to me a Jeep is what you want to get you across the badlands in one piece, and safely back to the ranch homestead. The reasons aren’t entirely clear on why Jeep sales dropped. It’s a tough science to figure out. One thing that’s unique to Australia is a perceived scandal involving former Jeep employee Clyde Campbell. Litigation alleges he might have misused millions in funds while he was in charge (2010-2013). That was a few years ago, but it’s bad press that Australian Jeep owners don’t need. The next employee, a successor Pat Dougherty, stepped down only two years into his contract. So it’s been a turbulent time at the FCA in Australia, it has caused a lack of focus on not just sales and the vehicles, but the Customers. Not just any Customers, but Jeep Customers. Some reports talk about the rising sales of SUVs and crossovers might have hurt Australian Jeep sales. But to us, that’s what Jeep does. That’s their specialty. That’s their wheelhouse. Not every Australian Jeep driven will be a Wrangler, but when it comes to SUVs, the Cherokee, and Grand Cherokee own a big piece of that real estate. Selling Jeeps in Australia should be relatively easy. The country's terrain certainly lends itself to it. Currently, the FCA is working hard on coming up with ways to reach hardcore Jeep fans in Australia and reaching out a hand to new Customers. They may have ways to go, but it seems that hard days might be behind them. With a new Wrangler coming out, and the Wrangler pickup, hopefully, these will be the vehicles Australians take to heart and take on the trails. Are you a Jeeper in Australia? What do you think has caused the drop in sales?