Been itching to drive a Jeep? All your fiends drive Jeeps. You can too (at least, temporarily). Because Jeep is teaming up with rental fleets big time. Recent data suggests that in the first 10 months of 2015 alone, deliveries of Jeeps to rental companies jumped up nearly 57% ! Now anyone can live the Jeep life. At least ... for a while.

Jeep expands into rental fleets

Just about everyone wants a Jeep. But good or bad, if you want to get hip deep in Jeep fever, renting a Jeep from a local rental fleet might just be the next best thing to stealing owning one. Will you suddenly feel like going off road, heading to the mountains, and hanging out with DB Cooper? Maybe. Or maybe you you'll just want to feel that rich, luxurious interior and play with all the electronic toys on a Grand Cherokee. You should have plenty to test drive. Nearly 80,000+ Jeeps were sold to rental fleets in 2015. Out selling popular rental car makers such as Kia, Ford, Toyota and others. The end game is for Jeep (through the FCG) to get more people exposed to Jeeps. Which gets them more interested in their brand. It's a gamble, and car manufacturers in the past can tell you that it's hit or miss. It will either help or hinder a car brand. Jeep it seems is confident of it's best selling vehicles brought to rental agencies can make a difference. Customers will determine the final say whether it's a negative or positive. Some reports worry it will flood the market with pre-owned Jeeps. We don't see that as an issue. There's nothing wrong with saving thousands of dollars on a used Jeep to get your dream vehicle. It's not like Jeep parts are hard to get. The big plus is more folks can get a chance to drive a Jeep. So when you book your next flight, and your next rental vehicle, ask them, : you folks got any Jeeps? Hey, just because you left your own Jeep at home doesn't mean you have to drive elsewhere in anything but a Jeep. Besides, who ever heard of the "Living the Kia Life"? I don't think so. .