Jerry Cans. You want'em, we got'em Here at Morris 4x4 Center

jeep jerry cans from morris 4x4 center
Jerrys cans. That's what we call them because, well, we're Jeep people here at the Morris 4x4 Center. Jerry cans are used primarily for fuel (or, petrol as our Jeep friends overseas like to call it). But they are also designed to carry other liquids and fluids, such as water. The history for the Jerry can goes way back to around the late 1930s. These were developed by a German engineer and by 1939, were stockpiled by the German military in the tens of thousands. (they refer to them as Wehrmacht-Einheitskanister). At the beginning of WWII, the British and Americans copied the design and began producing them for their own troops. This basic design is still being produced today. The "Jerry" can nickname came about because that's what Germans were referred to during WWII. A Jerry can has three handles. A center one, so it can be carried with one hand, and the two outer handles so two people can carry or hold it. The "X" pattern stamped into the sides adds strength, and allows the can to expand and contract with temperature. Unlike most fuel cans of the time, the Jerry can has it's own convenient spout and screw lid, rather than them being separate like most of the unpopular fuel cans made in those days. Jerry cans typically hold 20 Litres, ( 5 U.S gallons ). As Americans, we not only remember Jerry cans from the war, but just about every Military Jeep had at least one on the back or side. Some Jeeps, such as used by the SAS in desert situations, might have as many as six or eight. Some would have fuel inside, some would have water for survival. The cans themselves are made to last, and are very durable. I wouldn't be surprised if the U.S. Army wasn't still using some of the ones from WWII on a daily basis today! As a Jeep owner, if you do any offroading, camping, or long trails, it's always good to have a Jerry can or two with you (one for fuel, maybe one with water, depending on the terrain and distance from civilization). Some Jerry cans are produced in different colors, though the specifications, if there are any, vary from country to country. Most companies try and make a can (whether a plastic or metal container) in a color other than red, to designate it's for a different use other than fuel. For instance, for water, here at Morris 4x4 Center, we carry a blue Jerry can, so it won't be mistaken for a fuel can. (The blue can also has a special liner inside, and can't be used for fuel or chemicals). I've seen where diesel sometimes is used in yellow containers, and the olive drab or desert tan ones, used by the military, could be anything. Of the traditional Jerry cans, we carry three:
  • A Red one for fuel
  • An olive green one (preferably used for fuel)
  • A blue one (for water)
The cans by themselves can be stored almost anywhere, but you probably don't want it inside your Jeep, and you don't want it bouncing around loose at all. So we carry several different style mounts and carriers, to securely keep the Jerry can in place on your Jeep. Jerry cans are a design that's stood the test of time, and they are known worldwide for their reliability and durability. So much so, that the popularity and recognition aspect has influenced other products, such as this Jerry Can shaped security tool box. (which fits into a Jerry can carrier, so it's easy to store and take along on the trail. Is that cool or what?). We also have a special going on where you can get a Jerry can AND mount for your Jeep when you purchase a Hi-Lift Jack. It's one of the deals we put together here at Morris 4x4 Center to help our Customers save some money, and get some great products all at the same time. So the thing is, if you wanted some Jerry cans, for your Jeep (or whatever vehicle you have), Morris 4x4 Center once again has you covered. There's nothing wrong with having extra fuel and water on the trail, especially if you go off road in a desert environment. So play it safe. Stock up now!