The last place you want to store your spare in inside your Jeep. Or worse, leave it at home when you hit the trails. One sharp rock or tree stump and you'll be down to three tires with a wing and a prayer. There's a multitude of ways to set you Jeep to carry a spare tire. From a stock rim to oversized tire combos, there are some great ways to take your spare along so you can get home from a rough riding trail. Let's look at some of the more popular options:

JK Wrangler Tire Carriers

Posion Spyder Tire Carrier
Different carriers can handle different size tires. The Poison Spyder Body Mounted Tire Carrie can mount up to a 40" tire. Made from 1-1/2 steel tubing, this bare metal, the steel plates are CNC laser cut or brake formed to exact specifications. This is a serious carrier because that's how they roll. This carrier is also a swing carrier, so it's simple to move out of the way (even when loaded and with the tire) so you have access to the rear of your Jeep. Mmounts are also provided for RotopaX containers. Or-Fab makes a Jeep swing away carrier that provides better ground clearance, and has mountings for three RotopaX containers (which are included with the carrier). It's made from 1.5" diameter steel tubing, and includes a new heavy duty hinge with an adjustable draw latch. You still have full access to your tailgate, but now you can get that larger tire out of your way and carry more gear too. By the way, these are made here in the U.S.A. This particular carrier is popular because it fits more flush to the tailgate than most spare tire carriers. Keeping the weight closer and more stable to the body.
Or Fab Tire Carrier
If you need more ground clearance, try the Or-Fab Swing Away Spare Tire and Jerry Can Carrier. It raises the spare around 5.5 inches, and gives you a better departure angle. It can hold up to a 37" tire, has mountings for Jerry Cans, has a heavy duty hinge, and has locations for a HiLift Jack and a CB antenna.
Smittybilt Atlas Rear Bumper
Trust us, you can never have enough gear when going camping or trailing for a few weeks. The Smittybilt XRC Atlas Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier gives you best of both worlds with a combo that allows you to be battleship ready. Throw on the spare (up to 40"), a couple of fuel packs, a Smittybilt Trail Jack, and any other gear you can hook up to it, and you're ready for an adventure. Being an XRC bumper, you've got more ground clearance below the carrier as well. The latch is easy to access, and the full carrier swings over to give you access to the tailgate. A 3rd brake light is even included for city driving! Not to be outdone, Rugged Ridge steps up to the plate with their Heavy Duty Tire Carrier Kit. The first big plus? No drilling is required.  To kept it lightweight yet strong, it uses a diecast aluminum hinge casting. The part you see that's shaped like an X is the actual carrier itself. It attaches right to the tailgate, has integral hinges, and actually makes the tailgate itself stronger. Personally, we feel it's a unique and good looking design, and it not over-bearing hanging on the back of your Jeep. Oh, and by the way, it includes a taller third brake light that's height adjustable. If by chance you have a Rugged Ridge XHD rear Bumper, including an Aluminum XHD, you will want to take a look at the Rugged Ridge XHD Gen II Swing and Lock Tire Carrier. It opens with the tailgate, and can hold up to a 37-inch tire. It uses a factory latch, and a reinforced spindle to make it easy to swing the carrier over to get to your gear.
LOD Tire Carrier
Ever think of building your own bumper and carrier? You can nearly do that with the LOD Generation 4 rear Bumper and Carrier System. You can add different parts to it to make it your own, such as a Trail Rack, Jerry Can Mounts, RotopaX Can mounts, or even an Air Tank mount. All available from LOD. Built on grease-able hinges and made from high strength steel, this carrier is quite robust for the outdoor life. It's spring loaded to stay open once swiveled into the position and can be locked that way, while you load and unload your Jeep. If you're looking for a similar setup, but like to use a shorty bumper for more clearance, LOD offers a Signature Series Shorty Rear Bumper with Generation 4 Tire Carrier. The bumper on this one incorporates an integral 2" receiver for a hitch, and bolts directly to the rear cross member. You can add up to a 40" tire to the carrier. It's designed to be able to carry various kinds of fuel containers, a HiLift Jack, and even comes with a CB antenna mount.
Body Armor Tire Carriers
The Body Armor Swing Arm Tire Carrier mounts to the top of their rear bumper (BA-JK-2395). Giving you the perfect combination. This carrier is easy to swing open and closed, and uses bearings instead of bushings. It can accommodate up to a 40" spare tire. The latch works much like a car door, so by design, it's one of the easiest carriers to operate. Smittybilt SRC Tire Carrier
If you're running a rear Smittybilt SRC or XRC Gen2 bumper, this carrier is the perfect accessory to add with little fuss. They're made to go together. As far as the bumper goes, this carrier is a direct bolt on. You can mount a CB antenna, Jack, or RotopaX fuel cans. It has a smaller footprint than most spare tire carriers, so it doesn't overwhelm the back of the Jeep. Hey, it even has a built in bottle opener! Want to add more accessories to the back of your Jeep? The Rock Slide Engineering Full Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier and Tow Hitch will get you on the right track. This puppy can hold up to a 42 inch tire. Rather than attach using the existing tailgate door hinges, the tire carrier mounts directly to the bumper and the tailgate itself. The pivot uses oversize bearings to handle the load, making it easy to swing open, even when loaded. Being from Rock Slide Engineering, the bumper and carrier are made here in the USA. It also features a 2-inch receiver with 1/4 inch safety chain loops. Even if you don't tow, the receiver is good for accessories like the Smittybilt Hitch Rack. poison spyder rock brawler
Ready to go hardcore on a spare tire carrier? Poison Spyder raises the bar with it's Rockbrawler II Rear Bumper & Tire Carrier. We know, it looks like it fell off a tank - but no, it really is for a JK Wrangler. The pivot is probably the strongest on the market for a swing arm tire carrier. The carrier mounts to the tailgate, so you can swing it open just by opening the tailgate - with one hand. The bumper almost doesn't need an introduction, after all, Poison Spyder has built some tough bumpers since day one. This one features a 2 inch receiver, and is angled for better departure angles. It also allows the spare to be mounted lower for visibility out the back of your Jeep. You can't go wrong with the Poison Spyder bumper and carrier combo. The hardest part about choosing a carrier is that there are so many options for the JK Wranglers. So you get to choose the one that best fits your trailing needs. Camping, fishing, or heading to the beach. Which one fits your style?

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