When you think of the favorite Police cars from here in the states, you are going to get a long list. While departments across the country have used just about every kind of vehicle, they can vary depending on the budget at hand. Got a few bucks to spend? You might get a smoking Dodge Charger with a V8 HEMI. Down to your last nickels for new vehicles? You get the Smart Car buddy. Of course, some cars are icons. The old Ford Interceptors from the 1960s and 1970s, as well as the 440 Dodges. Now you still see a lot of Ford Crown Vics, Mustangs, and several SUVs, so there's still some muscle on the road when it comes to a pursuit vehicle. Sometimes a department here might get their hands on an exotic that was confiscated from the bad guys. That could be a Porsche or a Ferrari. However, the result is that we tend to use many different kinds of vehicles. So that is how we do it here. What about other places?

Jeep Joins Italian Police Force

Jeep Joins Italian Police Force Well, in Italy, the home of the FCA (actually they are incorporated in the Netherlands, and their main office is in London, but you get the idea), they have an interest in cop cars, especially when it is one of the brands they make. So while it is fine that a particular blue Lamborghini works for the country’s “Polizia,” the FCA could not leave that alone. So they have outfitted the Italian Police Academy in Rome with a Jeep JK Renegade, as well as an Alfa Romeo Giulietta. To go one even better, they also loaned two new Alfas as medical cars, in which two are already Alfas (note that the FCA owns Alfa Romeo, and Lamborghini). The Jeep should come in handy for any off-road excursions that the Polizia might encounter. It is obviously 4wd and is an Italian spec machine with a 2.0L inline four (that’s not available here in the U.S.). Our guess is that the lucky officers driving the Jeep are going to have all the fun.