As far as Jeep jumps go, this is quite impressive. Jeeps are typically known for their prowess on the ground. But they've been surprising us lately with their broad range of capabilities. From going "green" to drifting and drag racing, Jeeps are taking over the world. This '91 Chief took to the course and made easy work of the uneven dirt obstacles to finish with a grand finale.

Jeep Jumps Ramp and Leaves Crowd Wanting More

This WGAS Motorsports sponsored Tuff Truck event went down at the Clark County Fair in Ridgefield, WA. The video was uploaded by NWfan2, who covers monster truck and tractor pull events in the Washington/Oregon area. Make sure you head over to his Youtube channel and give his videos a "like" for providing this entertaining clip. There are two more videos of the Tuff Truck event, but they're both around 16 minutes. Have you ever flown your Jeep? Tell us in the comments!

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