We know the Jeep Wranglers have some serious 4x4 capability, but we do not recommend 4-wheeling over police cars, and we definitely don’t recommend drinking while driving.

Jeep Lands on Top of Cop Cruiser

Unfortunately, a man in East Hartford, CT, combined the two to make a serious misjudgment and cause an accident. He did not obey the state’s “move-over-law”, and ran on top of a parked state police car. The state police officer Michael Gauvin, a veteran of the force for 22 years, was sitting in his parked cruiser when the Jeep came southbound on Route 3. The Wrangler was coming through a construction zone when he side swiped a Department of Transportation truck (DOT) and then hit the parked cruiser, forcing the Jeep up on it (and pinned between the vehicle and a jersey safety barrier). Both the Jeep driver and officer were taken to the Hartford Hospital to be checked out, and sustained minor inquires. The Jeep driver admitted to driving while intoxicated. He was charged with a failure to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles, and a failure to properly maintain a lane change. Of course, he was charged while driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol (he failed a sobriety test). Stay police reported this was the third day that a vehicle had crashed in this construction zone. This accident happened around 11:15 at night, and from the looks of the photo from the scene, when visibility is at it’s lowest. Let’s be safe out their Jeep folks. No drinking and driving. Slow down for those construction zone. We do not need to lose any Jeepers, or anyone else.  Plan ahead, and hook up with a designated driver for the journey home.