Jeep - Leader in Sales for the FCA

While the FCA (Fiat-Chrysler_Automobiles) struggled a bit in 2015 with a significant loss (at least on paper), the year's previous losses enabled them to show a profit going forward into 2016 and through till the near end of this year. However, it was not easy. Some vehicles did not carry their weight when pulling the FCA upwards. Not surprisingly, the leader in sales were Jeep and Dodge Ram products. Trucks and SUVs have been big sellers for quite some time across all the auto manufacturers, and in times like this when they outsell small cars, profits go up. Not just at the FCA, but any company selling trucks is probably having strong sales overall. Jeep has several SUVs: the Renegade, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Wrangler. When they expand into the new line of Grand Wagoneers and Wrangler Pickup Trucks for 2017-2018, they will have conquered the truck market worldwide. (though, Dodge Ram truck sales are still going strong as well). The FCA depends on trucks and Jeep sales; they have stopped producing small and midsize cars here in the U.S. altogether. The important thing is that the FCA is pushing forward. It is important that the FCA stay active to bringing the new vehicles to market by building new factories to keep up with demand and getting new Jeeps into the hands of the people who want to drive them. Not just here in the U.S., but all over the world. For those who might have invested in the FCA, this means that the shares earned 47-cents per share, beating analysts expectations of only 39 cents. (a share of FCA stock today, October 27, 2016, comes in at around $7.27 (per Yahoo). All in all, the FCA should be fine coming out of 2016, and going into 2017. So we are sure they will be busy making out favorite vehicles - Jeeps - for some time to come.