Jeep Head Mike Manley recently answered 5 questions during an interview with Kelly Blue Book's Matt DeLorenzo. THe interview was held at the 2016 New York Auto Show. We aren't going to post the entire interview, but we will summarize it.

Mike Manley Q and A Summary

  1. The Renegade is doing really well in all segments, especially the Trailhawk trim. The Trailhawk trim is doing well across the Renegade, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee models. The Renegade's growing success will be tested when it hits China this month.
  2. The average Jeep buyer demographic is 51% male, 53 years old. However, Jeep appeals to a full "life cycle," from younger people to empty nesters. Renegades account for a lot of first time buyers, but because of its size, it's popular with an older audience too.
  3. The Wrangler pickup is coming in late 2017 (which we already knew). Moab is used as a "test lab" for feedback.
  4. The Grand Wagoneer is still in development and expected around 2019.
  5. "Electrification" is a sure thing coming to the Jeep lineup. It will come over time in varying levels depending on the product.
None of this is particularly glaring news. We've been covering many of the developments in FCA and Jeep news, so if you've been reading along, you're up to speed as well. We'll keep you posted on any fresh news, aftermarket Jeep products, and 4x4 specials, as always.

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