It is a tough world out there, and when it comes to keeping your Jeep parts, it is a serious issue. It appears that even ordinary folks driving around think it is okay just to help themselves to things on your front step. Even if, it is not theirs.

Jeep Owner Builds Shotgun Shell Rig To Scare Off Thieves

One homeowner in Tacoma, Washington decided he has had enough with people stealing his Jeep parts. Even in broad daylight. So he built himself a better mouse trap: consisting of a box trap that sets off a shotgun 12 gauge blank - and scares the would-be thieves away.
It is just noisy and doesn’t do any harm, but it is quite a shock to any criminals that think they can help themselves to someone else's Jeep parts. Jaireme Barrow has already caught four people trying to take the box off his front porch. He also videotapes them in the act with a security camera as proof. The box itself is made from wood and is self-contained. Two bricks add weight to it for a more realistic sense of feel when picked up. There’s a custom made aluminum bracket that houses the blank shell. The wood box portion is inserted in an ordinary looking cardboard box, with some convincing tape and a shipping label. Jeep Owner Builds Shotgun Shell Rig To Scare Off Thieves
A hidden fishing line is attached to the box. When the box is picked up and pulled away, the line triggers a pin to fire a blank shell, for a very impressive shotgun sound. Needless to say, the thieves drop the box and run for the hills once the shot goes off. It seems to work well, and Jaireme is considering marketing it in some way for others to try. It might be an imaginative way to scare off thieves. He is usually found each year in Utah, at the Easter Jeep Safari event. That is if he gets all his Jeep parts safely. If you catch him there, ask him about his shotgun trap.