Recent reports of Jeep quality issues have been posted. And they aren't very impressing... While there are lots of Jeep advocates out there, Jeep doesn’t lack in the critics department either. Recently, J.D. Power & Associates placed FCA at 29 out of 33 brands on its Vehicle Dependability Study. Meanwhile, Consumer Reports references faults in the Wrangler, such as “limited passenger comfort” and “a harsh and erratic ride.” Contributing author David Kelly also takes on the Wrangler, citing issues with:
  • Inconvenient soft tops
  • Poor security
  • Less than ideal maneuvering
You can read more opinions on how the Wrangler comes up short here.

Jeep Brand Popularity Soars Amidst Quality Troubles

While FCA deals with a bevy of quality issues such as Jeep fires and recalls, the article also discusses the strength of the Jeep brand and FCA soaring sales in recent history. As Jeep brand ownership changes (and has changed over the years), it is hard to say whether the vehicles put out going forward will resonate with die-hard loyalists who aren’t necessarily bothered by factors that don’t affect their ability to go off-road. One thing is for certain, though: Jeep is currently FCA’s most profitable brand and is experiencing a surge in popularity worldwide at the moment. Partly because of its ability to attract new customers, and largely because of its fierce loyalists who buy Jeep after Jeep. Which one are you and why? What drew you to a Jeep in the first place?