Newly released numbers reinforce the idea that Jeep is FCA's cash cow. Recent sales reports detailing all the FCA brands reveal Jeep's April sales increased 17%. Last month Jeep sales reached 84,298 vehicles. That's compared to 71,759 in April 2015. Of FCA's total US sales for the month (199,631 vehicles) Jeep accounts for a whopping 42%!

Jeep and Dodge Ram Top FCA US Sales

FCA is enjoying a 6% increase in sales, thanks to Jeep and Ram pulling more than their weight across several vehicle segments. For mare than 6 years, FCA US sales have yielded profits every month. This is due to higher demand for SUVs and trucks. The recession of 2008 greatly subdued the demand for larger vehicles due to higher gas prices and overall economic downturn. Now, as things have picked up over the past few years, people can't get enough of their off road and heavy duty automobiles. jeep-grand-cherokee-stealth-3-570x391
According to Automotive News, other names in the industry are expected to post positive results too, making for overall industry-wide gains. For the Ram brand, volume rose 12% compared to April last year. The trend toward larger vehicles is evident when seeing declining numbers for Chrysler and Dodge vehicles. Most of them being sedans, coupes, and generally smaller than Jeeps and trucks. Heavy hitters like Ford and Nissan expect close to 4% and 11% gains respectively. As FCA pushes aggressively in the global market Jeep remains the cash cow among all of its vehicle offerings.

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