We have all had our sugar high from Halloween night and lived to tell about it. Hopefully the high has worn off but hasn’t flipped your stomach or made you swear off Candy Korn for the next ten years.

Jeep Renegade Zombie Commercial

Check out this new Halloween Jeep commercial. It is from the UK (that is Great Britain), so you probably missed it on your local tv station. It has a combination of a Jeep Renegade and, well, zombies. It is Jeep humor for sure. (but strangely, it does not take place off-road?). The garage location is well lit, and zombies are walking, er, uh, stalking and shuffling around. The driver weaves in and out of them quickly (a nod to the Jeep Renegade's handling abilities?). He does not hit or run over any of them (I guess he does not want to scratch his Jeep or mess up the paint). He then puts on some lame tunes, and - whoa! It looked like he just got a Jeep wave from a zombie! Son of a gun, even the dead know a Jeep’s cool when they see one! Okay, I can believe that. The driver himself seems to be a zombie too, so, I guess once you are a Jeeper, you are a Jeeper for life - or, even when you are a dead decaying zombie Jeeper. No zombies were harmed in the filming of this commercial.