Albeit small, the Jeep Renegade is packed with hidden gems you may not have discovered for yourself yet. So grab your detective hat and magnifying glass as we explore the Renegade and a few other Jeep models to see what we can find!

Jeep Renegade Hidden Gems

First, we'll start with the Jeep Renegade, since it's the easiest. It's an all new body style, so Jeep has had a chance to incorporate them into the design before production (rather than adding them later). If you have a young Jeep Detective in the house, go grab them and let them explore your Jeep with you. Maybe you can compile a list of items and see how many they can cross off while you hunt for them together. Off we go!
  1. The small lower cargo tray below the dash has a trail map embossed into it. You can also see the Jeep grille logo, representing the WWII Jeeps.
  2. But that's not the only map in your Jeep Renegade! If you open the center console and look inside the storage bin, there's another map embossed on it's bottom.
  3. The speaker grilles, on the silver border, have the Jeep grille emblem embossed into them.
  4. Now look up. Look at the sides of the rear view mirror on the windshield. You can see vent holes that replicate the Jeep grille pattern.
  5. On the back of the Jeep, still on the inside, there's a Jeep grille design embossed into the tailgate cover panel.
  6. Did you look around the hole where you insert the ignition key? It should say "To New Adventures" !
  7. Now to the headlights. In the center, inside, you can see the Jeep grille logo. If you go to the back of the Renegade, you can see another Jeep grille logo in the center.
  8. If you happen to have a Trailhawk version Renegade, you can see a military Jeep silhouette on the rims.
  9. Some reports are that there is a silhouette of a Bigfoot on the rear window by the wiper arm.
  10. Some versions have a Jeep Willys silhouette on the black edge of the front windshield.
  11. While you're outside, look at the lower panel below the doors, just behind the front tire. You will see the words "No Step". This is similar to what the military used in WWII, especially on aircraft (in this case, the warning is still real, it's not meant to be stepped on).
  12. If you peak at the roof top outside, you can see the Jeep "X" pattern contour.
Those are just some we've heard about on the Renegade. But there could be more! Who's got a Jeep Cherokee? If you have the flip seat with storage under it, look closely at the bottom of the seat when you flip it up. You'll see a map of Moab, Utah. And it has latitude and longitude coordinates! Hey, how about the Jeep Wrangler? It's been around for a while in it's current body, but that hasn't stopped Jeep from sneaking in a few secrets here and there. On some models, the front windshield will have a Wrangler silhouette in the lower corner. They will also have a Jeep grille silhouette you can see from the inside cabin, just above the rear view mirror in the windshield. There are probably many more, just waiting to be found. How many can you and your kids find together? Does your Jeep have a distinct secret not listed here? Post a comment if you know of any, we'd love to hear about them!