Grand Cherokee SRT Night
Okay, we mentioned the "Xtreme Purple" Jeep. The 2016 Jeep Wrangler Backcountry limited edition model. But just to take it further, for the rest of us who can't get our hands on one of the purplelicious shades, we can still get a Backcountry. We just have to settle for the more common factory colors, such as Hydro Blue, Black, Bright White, Granite Crystal . Yeah, not so exciting. I wouldn't really call grey, white or black a "color". Be that as it is, the Backcountry model is coming at a dealership near you, maybe as soon as the end of this year.

Backcountry Jeep Wranglers

2016 Jeep Wrangler Backcountry purple Whatever shade you pick, you'll be getting a Wrangler that's based on the Sahara model. It will feature special graphics (pink on purple!) because, well, that's what Jeep likes to do. Nothing says Special Edition like a new decal. Technical wise, the Backcountry Wranglers will have a unique front bumper, rock rails and 17-inch wheels (originally) from the Rubicon models, a nine speaker Alpine sound system, McKinley leather and mesh seats, and a powder coated rear bumper. Sahara side steps are also available at no additional charge according to FCG. A black hard top is standard, but an optional body color hard top is available. The Bluetooth hands-free Connectivity Group is standard. I think it's quite possible that there will be a lot of Xtreme Purple models ordered, simply because the other colors are so boring and well, common. I mean, if you're going to drop some serious bills on a new Special Edition Jeep, get the coolest color you can.

New Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Night

Not to be outdone, and not to dismiss the rest of the Jeep fans out there, they also have a Grand Cherokee SRT Night edition coming. Cosmetic changes include a rear spoiler, front grille bezels, and B & C window pillars with black window surrounds. Jeep says the roof has a "stealth like appearance", whatever that means. If only it could really obscure traffic radar, right? The SRT sports Brembo brakes, so the 20-inch wheels are designed to show those off. The factory colors for the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Night are Velvet Red, Billet Silver and Granite Crystal. Obviously the red looks the best, but with only three choices, there's not much to think about when the others are silver and grey.

Grand Cherokee 13-second quarter mile

Being an SRT, you get the performance aspects of the flagship options, which are a 6.4 L V8 engine with 475 horses and 470 pounds of torque. Plenty of ripping power to get those soccer moms to the home games on time. Don't bother taking your Grand Cherokee to the drag strip: Chrysler-Jeep already did that for you: it pops out a 13-second range run. All while listening to the factory 19-speaker 825-watt Harman Kardon stereo system. So there you go. The Jeep Wrangler Backcountry, or the Grand Cherokee SRT Night. If you've got some loose change burning a hole in your pocket, or you want the best gift ever for the Jeep Queen in your life, you've got two choices. But only one of them is available in purple.