Jeep Runs Over Trump Sign

Owning a Jeep means there are some things you can do that, well, might not have been such a good idea at the time. One Jeep owner felt that Making America Great was the wrong message (strangely, he's driving a vehicle MADE IN AMERICA ... maybe he should be driving a Toyota Prius). So to show his displeasure, it was just a matter of throwing it in gear, doing a little off-road excursion, and the a political sign bites the dust. Oh well.
Of course, making a video of your adventure is kind of silly, and even more so when you post it on the internet publicly. The Police frown on driving in areas not really designated as off-road trails. Thus, they have an investigation going on, and the driver has admitted to the deed and video. I doubt there will be anything more than a simple ticket. Hey, we've all driven over a curb now and then, right? Just be careful what you run over. Are you registered? Have you ever run over a politician's promotional sign before?

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