Fiat Chrysler sees Jeep sales increase as small car sales go down. Keeping the numbers solid in sales, the trend is pushing forward to run over last year's sales and this year's goals. And our beloved Jeep brand is leading the charge.

Jeep Sales Increase 

By the numbers? Jeep sold 1.3 million Jeeps worldwide in 2015, accounting for roughly one-third of Fiat Chrysler's overall sales for the year. Jeep's sales performance increased 21 percent over the previous year. Jeeps are selling so well that the two flagship plants, in Toledo, Ohio and Sterling Heights, Michigan, are scorching hot, popping out Jeeps nearly 24/7, just to keep up with demand. Even European demand was higher this year over last. With low fuel costs, drivers continue to choose SUVs and trucks over smaller, cheaply made transportation. This puts Chrysler in a position to fully leverage their Jeep brand vehicles against the competition. Whether it's the Grand Cherokee, one of the most popular 4WD luxury SUVs out today, or the extremely off-road capable JK Wrangler, Jeep has the vehicles drivers want. Chrysler itself has become the seventh largest car maker in the world, and we only see that trend going up from here. We say, let's put a Jeep in every driveway! What Jeep or Jeep accessories do you plan on buying in the near future? Tell us about it in the comments!