Jeep Salute to Veteran Noah Galloway

This Jeep story comes from Noah Galloway. Mr. Galloway is a Veteran who served our country in Iraq and was injured in duty. As a result, he lost his left arm above the elbow. He also lost his left leg above the knee. Since the IED attack in 2005 he has participated in several fitness events like crossfit contests and different races. He also travels as a motivational speaker. This serviceman and speaker is part of the No Excuses Charitable Fund. The fund supports injured veterans through physical rehab services. Watch Noah Galloway's Jeep story below.

With Memorial Day Having Just passed and Jeep celebrating Military Appreciation Month, this couldn't have comer at a better time. We appreciate him and the countless others who have not been featured Don't forget to share your Jeep story here. Of course, you're always welcome to share your Jeep story with us here at the blog or post your Jeep pics to our Facbook page.

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