morris 4x4 jeep skidplates           When you think skid plate (or glideplates), you're probably thinking of the plate you see the most, up under the front of a Jeep. That's the most visible one. But here at Morris 4x4 Center, we carry several kinds of skid plates to give you maximum protection for all the vital moving components under your Jeep. Skid plates can be an important part for safety on an undercarriage. Even if your Jeep is stock height, if you do any off roading, you want to consider adding a few to make sure you don't get stuck or break an expensive critical part of the drive train. The price of a skid plate is usually much less than a broken or damaged component. Think of them as some good insurance. Some of the critical parts protected by skidplates (also know as Glideplates) are:  
  • Engine Oil Pan
  • Transmission / Pan
  • Axle Differential (front and back)
  • Transfer Case
  • Steering Box
  • Bumper
  • Rear Trailer Hitch
  • Swaybars
  • Muffler
  • Control Arms
  • Gas Tanks
  • Air Tank
  • A/C Evaporator
  As you can see, depending on the model Jeep you have, there are a lot of possibilities. One good thing about most skid plates is they are usually a bolt-on part. So with just a few hours of time on a weekend with another Jeep buddy, and some common hand tools, you can have it installed on your Jeep and ready for the trails. At Morris 4x4 Central, we carry several of the best brands you can get for Jeep skid plates. Tough as nails. High quality. Heavy-gauge steel. Heavy duty performance. We know you depend on your Jeep to get you in and out of the woods and back home safely. We like to think that a few skid plates can make all the difference, and they can you give you a lot of piece mind for only a few dollars well spent. We carry skid plates for every budget, for most models of Jeeps, and all the quality brands you've come to trust on the trail. So take a look under your Jeep, and think about the trails in your area you travel on. Think about the increased safety and possibilities. Then check out the wide selection we carry here at Morris 4x4 Central. We know we can help you with the best selection and best prices to keep your Jeep safe and off the rocks.