jeep storage morris 4x4 central           Ok, so you've been shopping and ordering parts at Morris 4x4 Central, and you've been building that Jeep up to your personal rugged specs, and you're ready for the trails. Well, almost ready. You still have to pack for the trip. While a Jeep will get you just about anywhere in the world, places other vehicles can only dream of, that means there won't be any all night convenience stores. Not where you're going. Probably won't be any phone service either. It's likely your nearest neighbor will be a grizzly bear, and I'm pretty he's not going to share any of his meals with you. (hopefully you won't be on HIS menu!) This means you need to pack everything and take it with you. And as we all know, Jeeps aren't know for having the most roomiest of interiors. But no worries! Morris 4x4 Central has you covered. There are many ways to add extra carrying capacity for supplies and goods, depending on your style Jeep and just how long of a duration you're going away for. Let's focus on some solutions to keep things close at hand, inside the interior. Smittybilt makes some great covers that comes fully-equipped with pockets and storage compartments to help you store personal items and save space. It fits over the front seat, and the storage is located down the back for convenience. I personally like the Digital-Camo version myself, but some of you might like the Black-Ops version too. Smittybilt has included an American Flag patch on the products, and that's a nice touch for a great quality product. If that's not enough storage there, you can add Smittybilt's Overhead Console storage system as well. It's manufactured using a 3/16 solid plate inside, and then covered in material. Each overhead features 6 individual storage pouches with each pouch has additional storage inside. It's made from the same G.E.A.R. Seat cover material, and the Overhead consoles are manufactured from 600 Denier Polyester with a PVC liner. They are also completely UV stable. Smittybilt makes these in four colors, just like the seat storage products. Another helpful storage solution for things you need to be able to get to in a hurry is Rugged Ridge's Interior Mesh Storage Kit. It combines five separate pieces, including one top dash net, one glove box net, one center console net, and two door nets. These turn normal empty space inside the interior into something useful. For security concerns, we carry a Smittybilt Security Lock Box. These are constructed from 14 gauge heavy-duty steel with a universal mounting sleeve that can be placed anywhere within the cab of your Jeep. The Dual-Lock System allows the box to be removed from the sleeve while locked. These are storage solutions to keep your supplies inside the interior. Without having to unpack something in the back storage area, or from a roof rack. Things like water, first aid, cameras, phones, food, maybe a defensive weapon to protect your family (think of your new big furry neighbor!). The point is, with these products, you can enjoy the trail more and take in the sites around you. Without having to stop, or pack and unpack over and over. We believe that with a few of these items from your favorite Jeep store, Morris 4x4 Central, you'll be ready and prepared for your next adventure. See you on the trails !