Jeep Sums Up Grand Cherokee in 30 Second Yahoo Ads

If you're a regular Yahoo user, you've probably come across the latest Jeep ads on your device or computer. Jeep has been exploring the media as a way to help reach Jeep fans and consumers to keep them up to date on the latest Jeep offerings and models. Some of the ads are steered towards travelers and outdoors folks. With the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee getting the lion's share of the product advertising expansion. Primarily with 15 and 30 second ads. Those types of drivers (like you) tend to use the off road capabilities on a daily basis in regions where 4wd is needed the most, such as rough terrain or isolated areas far from the city. But that doesn't mean you have to give up the comforts of life, like the Grand Cherokee's heated seats, premium sound systems, or wood accents. Hey, you don't want to spill your Grey Poupon while navigating those boulders, right? While the Wrangler users will get an ad or two, likely based on your off road travels and trail websites you visit, the FCG seems to be moving into the luxury market in a big way. Reaching out to tech savvy Jeep customers who covet the finer things in life (beyond just owning a nice Jeep). So, if you use Yahoo now and then, especially on a mobile device, chances are you'll see some more great information on the latest Jeep special editions, or more about those heated seats. Either way, Jeep's got you covered.