You might have noticed, in between the handfuls of nachos and bouts of screaming at the quarterback, that Jeep aired a couple of pretty sweet Superbowl ads. In keeping with their traditional Superbowl ad presence since 2011, Fiat Chrysler once again illustrated the strength of the Jeep brand and its resonating permanence in the market. The first ad paid tribute to the brand’s 75 years of service, firstly with its role in the Armed Services, and thereafter to the global public and in pop culture, referencing to its presence in movies like Jurassic Park and Terminator, and in the service of American icons like Marilyn Monroe and B.B. King. Watch the commercial below.
It’s a reminder of Jeep’s contributions to the American Industrial Economy, the Military, and everyday life, as Jeep is truly a brand that has “faced the faces of fear and fortitude,” to quote the commercial. The ad ends with the words “We Don’t Make Jeep. You Do.” And with all the aftermarket modifications and restoration projects we have helped to see you through, we know this to be true.
The second ad, brilliantly titled 4x4ever, is a salute to the Jeep's rugged capabilities in any environment, and the Jeep Life culture. Featuring Jeeps in deserts and snow, the ad is a unifying nod to Jeep owners everywhere, specifically making use of the famous "Jeep wave" as two motorists pass one another in a Jeep.
Both commercials refer to Jeep's 75 years as a pillar in the automobile market. As Jeep lovers, we look forward to another 75 years of innovation and ruggedly functional 4x4 vehicles to come.
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