For this experienced Jeeper, it's just another day in the life. Watch as he takes on a 90° angle and maneuver on two rear wheels like a dog on its hind legs. Or maybe it's more like Moonwalking... ' Impressive is an understatement. The video gets off to a slow start, as the Moonwalker takes his time taking off his spare tire and moving it out of the way. Once it gets started though, the awesomeness doesn't stop. Not only does he go up a straight wall twice, he then proceeds to drive on his rear wheels and get back down safely on all four. We don't encourage you to do this. This is not the driver's first rodeo. Note how calm and composed he is, and how masterfully he brings the Jeep back to the wall after his first go. Trailing and rock crawling is one thing, but this is extreme. We're not saying that some of you out there can't do this. I mean, we remember the Crawlin' Comanche.  Sometimes attempting angles shallower than 90° doesn't work out the way we wanted. Remember the guy from the cliffhanger post? Just be safe and enjoy your Jeep the best way you can. Can you take on a 90° angle in your Jeep? Tell us in the comments! Share This Post! Follow Us! Read More: