You may have seen a video of a duo of Jeep thieves using a laptop to hack into a Jeep's system in order to take control of it and get away. If not, you can see it below. Michael Arcee and Jesse Zelay were recently detained by Texas police while attempting to steal yet another vehicle. The Jeep thieves were able to successfully steal more than 30 Jeeps over six months in the Houston area.
After seeing this footage, law enforcement agencies were able to start following and recording the pair as they set about their devious operation. It's unclear whether the Jeeps they stole were brought through the Mexican border, like reports of 100 other Fiat Chrysler vehicles that met the very same fate. They were arrested and charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Arcee was also charged with:
  • Felon in possession of a weapon
  • Possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance
News of hacking into Jeeps has been trending since that Cherokee was stopped on the highway, and sparked a recall of 1.4 million automobiles. More recently, we've seen FCA take initiative by offering white hat hackers a bounty to identify system bugs. And to top it all off, the guys who brought attention to the Jeep-hacking craze came back to  show the automaker how bad it could've been had they not identified the initial bugs. The new hacks include taking control of the vehicle's brakes, steering wheel, and accelerator. The future is now. We hope you all stay safe out there. What do you think of all this hacking business? Tell us in the comments! Click to Share! Follow Us! Read More: