jeep tweaks taillight covers   Looking for a great accessory for your Jeep? Jeep Tweaks makes some custom parts that can set you apart from the crowd, and show everyone you've got the Jeeplife on your mind The Jeep Tweaks Cross Axle Guards for your taillights are the popular choice. They feature a unique design that says JEEP. They not only protect the lens from rocks and debris, but they are reversible. They are smooth on one side, but the other has a diamond plate texture to it. They are made of aluminum, so they are light weight, and install without any drilling. The Cross Axle Taillight Guards are available for the older Jeeps, from 1976 up to 1997. Of course, they are also available for the new Jeep Wrangler JKs. So there's no reason not to get a set for your Jeep and spice it up with a great highlight to your style.   jeep tweaks diamond plate covers for taillights   Jeep Tweaks produces a third brake light guard as well, in several choices for military personnel. The selections are:         Those are also very popular, especially with some proud Jeep parents out there. So if you're looking to add something different to your Jeep, and a bit of practical style, Jeep Tweaks has something for you. Of course, as soon as your Jeep friends see them, they will want a set of their own!