Jeep Wrangler Competition. What the New York Daily News Lists as 5 Future Potential Competitors

What? The NYDaily News posted an article for 5 modern offroad vehicles to take on America's Jeep Wrangler? We couldn't resist taking a look at their choices and seeing what all the fun is about. We're pretty sure Jeeps are number 1 ... and plan to stay that way! Ford Bronco Concept Choice 1 - The Ford Bronco - Hey, we like the looks of the original Ford Bronco as much as anyone else. With 4WD, a removable hardtop, the short wheelbase. These classic boxes are probably more popular today than back in '66.  (What few survive). While the Jeep Wrangler has stayed around the same size since the CJ's, maintaining the short wheelbase that makes it work so well on the trails and for rock climbing, by 1978 the Bronco had become a large, bloated, oversize SUV. Using Ford's F-series front body work, it was much cheaper to build using the pickup truck parts. While still available as a 4x4, it was no competition to the smaller, and more capable, Jeep CJs. Ford has thought about going back to the smaller Bronco concept, but that hasn't happened yet. We're not so sure it will be a contender to replace the Wrangler. Choice 2 - Chevrolet Blazer - Leading the idea of using pickup truck parts, Chevrolet's Blazer was at the beginning of larger SUVs (although the older SJ Wagoneers were probably more popular). It also had a removable top, but because of it's size, you could forget about removing the top by yourself. Most owners never took the tops off for any reason. With it's powerful V8 and 4WD capability, it did have some grunt in the offroad arena though. But brute strength doesn't always make for good trailing. Jeep's have used 4-cylinders since the beginning in one form or another, and are capable of getting you through the jungle or desert plains with little more than that. They would be lighter than a Blazer, have a shorter wheelbase, and more capability. Toe to toe, they would come out the winner in this contest in real offroad conditions. Nissan Xterra Choice 3 - Nissan Xterra - This is nothing like a Wrangler. Not even close. It might contend with a small Cherokee, or a Liberty, but even we admit those don't have the capabilities of the Wrangler. If you're going to take on the Jeep Wrangler and serious offroading, you need some bigger guns than this. Honda Element Choice 4 - Honda Element - I hope it comes with tow hooks, so we can hook our Wrangler's winch up to it and pull it out of mud holes, trail ruts, and any loose pebbles it gets stuck on. There's no competition here at all. Trail clearance? I think they forgot that. Can't take the top off? How will you enjoy the fresh breeze on the beach and the sweet mountain air? Toyota FJ Cruiser
Choice 5 -  Toyota Land Cruiser - Certainly the heavyweight choice has been added last. Land Cruisers are used all over the world in the toughest place you can find. Toyota has done a good job of distributing the FJs worldwide. Places that probably have never even seen an American Jeep before. But Jeep is taking their brand more and more across the globe. It won't be long till you start seeing Jeeps side by side with the FJs, and even replacing them. Anywhere there's rugged terrain, mountain passes, and desert sand, Jeep will be there. You can bet on it! While comparisons are fun to do, in this case, we're going for the Jeep Wrangler option. All the way! See ya on the trails!