Jeep Wrangler Door Thief

We mention all the time about Jeep Wrangler door thief and Jeep thief in general. Sometimes Jeep owners get a little lax and forget that the doors can easily be removed from a JK series Wrangler (and even some older Jeeps ) in just a few minutes, or seconds even. This video illustrates how quick a lapse in judgement can become an expensive problem. Granted, these doors will be pilfered out of the back of the Jeep, they were already off, but they could have been stolen just as fast when attached to the door frames. If you want to store your doors temporarily in the back, consider using a Trimax Quadra Braid Trimaflex Cable to secure them. Running the cable around the roll bar should suffice. If the doors are on, consider door hinge locks, such as McGuard Premium Door Lock Set. Sure, nothing is 100% secure from a professional thief, but let's not make it an easier for them. While it only takes minutes for doors to “disappear”, it takes much longer, and it’s a much bigger hassle to have them replaced. And that’s Jeep cash out of your pocket you would have rather spent on some cool goodies for your ride - not chasing down new doors. The worst part of this vid? They guy that took the doors was in a Jeep ! That’s some seriously bad karma there. The last thing you want to mess with is a man’s (or Jeep woman’s) pride and joy. That’s taking your life into your hands right there. Keep an eye on your Jeeps folks, and stay safe out there.