Soon, Jeep Wrangler Hybrids and diesels could be a very real thing. Diesels aren't currently available here in the US market, but they are available in countries all over the world. But soon, those of us patiently waiting stateside will be rewarded with more than the standard fuel models. Recent reports say that Jeep has announced its plans to offer Jeep Wrangler hybrid and diesel options for the next gen release.

Jeep Wrangler Hybrid and Diesel Options in 2018

Jeep's ambitions are to keep it's momentum going with aggressive goals to sell many more Jeeps than last year. A portion of their sales come from a world wide market, where diesels are more commonly an option. Other countries may also favor a hybrid alternative, and considering that the U.S. is also planning stricter emission regulations, Jeep's timing to consider a Jeep Wrangler hybrid couldn't be any better. For now, Wranglers are only built in Toledo, Ohio. But the plant runs nearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week in an effort to keep up with the demand. These new model options fall into the Chrysler/Jeep plans for the future, including a newly designed Wrangler and a new pickup truck version. There will be some production shuffling, where the Cherokee, also a best seller, may move away from the Toledo plant to make room for more Wranglers and pickup trucks. The Dodge Ram pickups may move also, but no alternative location has yet been determined. These moves will allow Jeep to focus on the new hybrid and diesel Wranglers.

Which Diesel Will Be Used In the Next Gen Jeeps?

Jeep hasn't specified what exact diesel engine may be used. It could be an all new design, or one already in use in foreign diesel Jeeps. They also haven't specified any information on the hybrid option. Some Fiat 500s are 100% electric cars and can be plugged in traditionally, though they are sold in very low numbers. Chrysler has previously announced that it will make Hybrid minivans in 2016. So it's hard to say if any of this developing technology will be used in the next Wrangler as an option. Clearly the shift is on Chrysler's mind. The hybrid model is slated to be released before the diesel, though no solid time frame has been given. The next generation of Jeep Wrangler is going to be full of new ideas. The question is: can it hold on to Jeep loyalists? Or will all the extra technology just make it beyond something you can modify at home, and water down the brand? What are your thoughts on Hybrid Wranglers? How do you think they'd perform compared to your custom Jeep?