This patient lady was pranked with a Wrangler full of paper towel roles. The video title is a bit misleading though because it says they "destroyed" the Jeep. But really, this lighthearted group of practical jokers take it in stride and just enjoy life. The man behind this mildly humorous prank is Roman Atwood. He's "Youtube famous" for his hidden camera public pranks. I'm talking 1.28 billion views and 8.7 million subscribers famous. Let's see how it all goes down. The video also contains some serious RC action too. How would you feel about coming home to your Wrangler being filled to the brim with thousands of paper towel roles? I'd find it hard to get mad. It'd probably be kind of annoying though. Here's another snapshot of the Jeep filled to the brim: paper-towel-role-wrangler If you enjoyed Roman's video here you can follow him on Twitter or Instagram, or check out his website. How about you? Would this make you mad? Tell us your thoughts in the comments! Share This Post! Follow Us! Read More: