Jeep Wrangler Wins 2016 Hottest 4x4-SUV Award

The Jeep Wrangler has won the seventh consecutive “Hottest 4x4 SUV” SEMA Award for 2016. Of course, that is no surprise to us, or to Jeep owners like you. That means that for nearly a decade, the Wrangler has been steady at being the best at what it does: bringing home the bacon for the FCA and Jeep. Winning the award for SEMA’s “Hottest Sedan" was the Dodge Charger. The Mopar booth at SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) had no less than 14 custom Jeep and Dodge vehicles, not to mention the hundreds of Mopar parts. All packed into a booth that covered over 15,000 square feet of Mopar goodness on the shows floor. Mopar has been steadily increasing their accessories market, covering both Dodge and Jeep vehicles. The Wrangler itself is the most modified vehicle in America. Statistics show that 98% of Wranglers have at least one Mopar accessory. (Mopar has over 150 accessories for the Dodge Charger alone and much more for the entire Jeep vehicle line). Jeeps are a good candidate for accessories because owners like to customize their vehicles to their needs and styles. It also helps that the vehicle has a dual use. Not just as a daily driver, but as the premiere vehicle drive go off road in, and traverse parts of the world few vehicles can get to. Jeeps, especially the Wranglers, are accessory friendly for Customers. The Jeep brand itself has been chugging along for 75 years and has a long history of being a customized vehicle. In the early days, it was for more practical reasons. An accessory might be for farming or light construction work. However, there were still add-ons and parts to enhance the Jeep's off-road capability further, for camping, trailing and general out doors traveling. Today accessories follow a broad range of possibilities. From body panels, superchargers, soft tops, storage solutions, tires and wheels, suspension parts, interior upgrades, electronics - the list is almost endless of way ways to accessorize your Jeep. Also, many of these parts are Mopar. We congratulate Mopar and the Jeep Wrangler on another win for the SEMA Hottest 4x4-SUV Award.