Recently, thieves have been targeting Jeep Wranglers and pickup trucks (mostly Fords) to help themselves to parts and vehicles that don’t belong to them.

Jeep Wranglers Targetted on College Campus

Reports say that at least two trucks have completely been stolen on the campus of Missouri State University, and other vehicles have been damaged in some way as thieves attempted to break in or take the vehicle completely. Unfortunately for Jeep and truck owners, there has been as much as a 32% increase in vehicle theft reports, covering a city-wide area. Fortunately, according to statistics, Police tend to recover about 80% of the vehicles stolen each year.

So what can you?
  • Lock your vehicle. Check twice to make sure the doors are locked before you walk away. Why give anyone easy access?
  • Never leave anything that might look valuable inside, especially in plain view. You might think your old team jacket is not worth stealing, or your 5-year old laptop is not worth anything, but thieves do not know that.
  • Use an anti-theft device. The average thief will not have the skills, or time, to disarm or remove an anti-theft device.
We also carry several lines of protection for Jeeps and trucks, mainly to keep various parts and personal items from being stolen.
  • McGuard - Will protect your rims, and spare tire, and Jeep doors.
  • Rampage - Locking hood latches.
  • Bestop - Lockboxes, Locking storage.
  • Bolt - Padlocks, Hi-Lift Jack Locks, Hitch locks, hood locks.
  • Trimax - Padlocks, Trailer hitch locks.
  • Tuffy - Locking Cubby Hole, Underseat Locking Storage, Locking consoles, Stereo security
  • Mopar - EVS Security Systems
These are just a few ideas to protect your Jeep, and if you have to leave objects inside, you can at least lock them up. See our site for the full range of security products we carry.