If you're driving a TJ Wrangler or a Jeep Liberty, chances are you might be running the 2.4L 4-cylinder PowerTech engine by Chrysler. Let's take a quick look at this engine.

The Release of the 2.4L PowerTech Engine

The 2.4L PowerTech engine came about from Chrysler around 2002. Originally, it was briefly used for Turbo SRT4 Dodge Neon performance cars made in 2003-2005. The non Turbo versions of the engine was used in cars such as the Stratus, Caravan, Breeze, PT Cruiser, and others.

More On the 2.4L Jeep Wrangler Powertech Inline

With a DOHC and 4-valves per cylinder, it's pretty much a modern power plant. The base horsepower was around 150 hp. Enough to get a light weight TJ Wrangler down the road, and was a little lighter in the engine bay than the 4.0L. Like many 4-cylinders, the 2.4L PowerTech engine it uses a rubber belt for the timing and the camshafts. It should be replaced every 120,000 miles as regular timed maintenance. Fortunately the 2.4L engines were widely used, and parts for them are readily available.

The 4-cylinder Engine Available in the Jeep Wrangler TJ

The 2.4L engine was an option primarily in the Wrangler TJ. It was introduced by Jeep when they replaced the older AMC 2.5L engines. Jeep-Wrangler-TJ
It's hard to say how many folks would have chosen this engine over the mighty AMC  4.0L straight six engine in 2003, but if you were looking for a small engine, possibly for fuel mileage (good luck with that idea in a Jeep), you might have checked the box to get the 2.4L when you ordered from the dealership. The 2.4L engines were used from 2003 to 2006 in the TJ and TJLs (depending on the transmission you had). The engine was also used in Jeep Libertys, from 2002 to 2006. The Compass and Patriots also used a 2.4L engine, but that's different than the Chrysler 2.4L PowerTech engine. While the engine has a somewhat short life in the overall scheme of things, it's known for being reliable and dependable.

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Do you have the 2.4L PowerTech Engine in your Jeep? How do you like it?