Jeep is celebrating its anniversary with the Salute concept Wrangler. The brand is keeping the party going with a full schedule of special edition releases, commercials, and events around the world. In most recent developments, Jeep's concept Wrangler is an homage to the very first general purpose vehicle produced and used in World War II.

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The Jeep Salute Concept Wrangler

July 15, 1941 was the day the first Jeep ever came off the assembly line, which is why the Salute came out just a few days ago, to commemorate its predecessor. The Salute is a throwback that is based on the JK Sport, which features:
  • 16-Inch Steel Wheels Wrapped In 32-Inch Military Non-Directional Tires
  • Hood Latches
  • Rear-Mounted Spare Tire
  • Steel Front And Rear Bumpers
  • Tow Hooks
  • Low Back Canvas Seats
  • Wood Hood Blocks And Side Mirrors
  • Bronze Commemorative Fender Badges
  • Olive Drab Green Paint
It's not the Kilroy, in that it's not equipped with all the bells-and-whistles-upgrades Jeeps are known for. Nonetheless, we like it. It's simplicity and utility are what make it so great. Army Crew Willys Jeep Rebuild What do you think about the Salute? Tell us in the comments!

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