Jeep See Battle

We've been wondering if the Jeep is going to see battle again. With all of our posts about different military vehicles, it would appear as though one of them stands out. The Hendrick Commando is a modified Jeep Wrangler made by Hendrick Dynamics. The military has had separate needs -0n the one hand, Jeeps were great because they were light weight and maneuverable. The "Hummer" replaced them because they had a lot more protective armor. That armor added weight and reduced mobility. Hummers are now being partially replaced by the Oshkosh JLTV. You'll recall that the JLTV is a monster. See below. oshkosh-jltv-side
So Oshkosh's vehicle clearly has no problem in the armor department, but it's big and bulky. But the military doesn't just need big armored trucks - it needs lightweight vehicles that can move quickly among the battlefield and negotiate rough terrain. To meet the need, they are testing the Polaris MRZR. It's light, but not meant for battle as much as it's meant to move soldiers from one point to another. Polaris-MRZR
For all intents and purposes it looks like someone got carried away while upgrading their golf cart. So now you've got a heavily armored and slow tank-like vehicle with the JLTV, and a very light under-armored golf cart with the Polaris. A vehicle that hits the sweet spot between armored and fast is yet to be seen. Except for the Commando, mentioned earlier. Hendricks has been contracting the upgraded Wranglers from Chrysler. The Wranglers being modified have diesel engines, and they look tough. Hendrick-Commando-front It's pretty nice to the possibility our beloved Jeep making its return to service in the US military. Stay tuned for developments on this story and all things Jeep.

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