If you remember, we touched on the the FCA’s “Jeepstache” campaign a few weeks ago. It is sort of like the breast cancer awareness program, but instead, it focuses on men’s health issues, such as prostrate and testicular cancer issues. The FCA has been closely following the program in partnership with the Movember movement. The Jeepstaches were one way to reach men that were Jeep owners, but indeed, any driver that would be willing to attach a Jeepstache (a mustache really) to the front of their vehicle can participate.

JeepStache Campaign Tallying Numbers

While the program ran the month of November (2016), and is now over, in that short time it made some serious progress in getting the word out to men (and the general public) everywhere. The thing to remember, as with the FCA and Jeep, is that it is a worldwide movement and cause. Cancer affects men all over the planet and this was just one way to bring awareness to the masses. Much like the color pink works for the Breast Cancer awareness movement. The Move Challenge ran through Instagram and Twitter, and so for every #JeepStache posted throughout the month (of November), Jeep donated $1 (on up to $15,000) to Movember US. It had been gaining some steam as the program went on, but there’s still ways to go. It is not entirely new, though this might be the first you have heard of it because Jeep is involved. Since 2003, Movember ’staches have raised more than $650 million in support of programs to combat prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and physical inactivity. Naturally, it is a worthy cause, and the FCA and Jeep have brought men's health issues to the forefront. With them working with Movember, it was a close relationship, and a positive indication of things to come in the future. Jeep's involvement was led by none other than the head of the Jeep and Dodge Ram Truck brands, Mike Manley. (no seriously, that is his name!). So participate if you can, and spread the word.