Always the innovators, KC Hilites has some new products on the market, some of them mentioned at this past SEMA. In case you weren't there or missed them, we'll mention them here, because we're excited to bring these new products to you, and we know you'll love them! Technology has come a long way, and KC Hilites is moving forward into the 21st century with some great lighting products to keep your Jeep and 4x4 safe on the darkest, loneliest roads!

KC Hlites New LED Flex Array A Winner

Featured on some of the SEMA Jeeps, and even on our own 2015 JK Unlimited Giveaway Jeep, the LED Flex Array lights are fast becoming the hit parade and the must-have lights for off-road. Using tuned optics, and featuring a combo spot/beam pattern, these LED lights are about getting light right where you need it. The LEDs can be mounted individually, or together as a string to create some powerful lighting. Aluminum housings, waterproof connectors, protected against EMI interference, these LED off road lights are made for the long haul and dependability. The five beam setup is good for the front bumper, or anywhere you can make a bracket and have room on your 4x4. But you can also use a string of them, as an LED light bar mounted higher, from 20 inch LEDs (part KCH-274) to even 30 inch LEDs (part KCH-276). Mount them horizontally, vertically, two rows or more. These are one of the most versatile light systems on the market today.

KC Hilites LED Spot Lamps Lead The Way

Spot Lamps are small lights you can mount in tough places, from a bullbar, to a hood hinge mount, to a windshield mount. All those out of the way places where you can fit just one more light to give you the off-road night driving edge you need. KC Hilites brings all their technology to the table, with a variety of LED spot lights. Their new C3 lights pack a wallop, lighting the night like never before. The LZR Spot Lamps, part KCH-310, are 20% brighter than any comparable light from other manufacturers. Waterproof and shockproof, it works from 49 degrees below 0 to 185F of baking heat. Featuring a turbine air cooled design with protection against RFI/EMC interference, it's the LED light you want to take you to the most remote places and back again. LED driving lights are good, but if you drive where fog is a constant danger, check out the KC Hilites C3 Series LED Amber Spot Beams (part KCH-315). They can be mounted in various places on your Jeep and 4x4 to give you better visibility and help through the haziness you're driving in.

KC Hilites Pro-Sport Gravity 6-Inch LEDs Light Off New Technology

Bigger can be better, but only when the technology and design match the expectations and durability you need in a larger light. KC Hilites holds back no punches, offering a new 6-inch LED light that's extremely bright and provides greater visibility at greater distances. Powered by KC Hilites patented Gravity Reflective Diode (GRD) technology, Gravity LEDs combine the advantages of LED lighting with the proven performance of precision reflector optics. This maximizes their effectiveness and amplifies the amount of light that's projected. Giving you the brightest and most efficient performance off road LED light on the market. Made to last and take the punishment, the lights have a high grade aluminum housing with hard coated poly carbonate lens. The lights are also available in a 4-inch size, part KCH-494, which can be used as a direct replacement on your stock JK Wrangler Jeep bumper, or mounted elsewhere on your 4x4 if you fabricate a bracket or mount. The KCH-494 also has a sealed glass housing. There's no denying that it's important to keep up with technology when it comes to lighting systems. And while KC Hilites is a company that began in a garage in the 1970s, they're not afraid to stretch the limits of lighting optics and design to bring you the latest breakthroughs and the best lights on the 4x4 market. KC Hilites is a company going the only way they know how: forward. And so can you, with some of these great lighting systems on your Jeep or 4x4! Don't forget to check out some of our other Jeep lighting parts and accessories too! One might say this post was...illuminating! What kind of lights do you have set up on your 4x4?