Hey, nobody has better deals than the Morris 4x4 Center on Jeep stuff. Sure, we like to discount things when we can. But we like to find ways to GIVE things away too. We’ve teamed up with Kentrol to bring you something you need, or will need once you start hitting those summer trails. We’re talking about stainless steel mirrors that keep you legal when you remove your doors. If you’re new to Jeepin' half naked, you may not realize that when you remove your door, the attached mirror goes with it. Leaving you with no side mirrors at all (which is illegal in some areas). These Kentrol mirrors typically mount in existing holes where the windshield bracket is on the sides. Meaning, with a simple hand tool, you’ve got the eyes you need on the sides to avoid wayward drivers, and keep you from getting a big fat ticket. Sure it’s fun to be a rebel sometimes. But you might not have to! It’s simple to enter for a chance to win a set of mirrors. And even if you have your doors on now, this gives you a perfect excuse to take them off! Enter here for a chance to win a Kentrol set of mirrors! Kentrol Stainless Steel Mirrors and Morris 4x4 Center. It’s the perfect combination to get great stuff for your Jeep! Share This With Your Friends! Follow Us!