If you've ever wondered "What Kind of Jeep Should I buy?" or thought, "What's the best Jeep for me?" the answer may not have been so clear. There are many kinds of Jeeps for every style of driving and lifestyle. Which is a good thing because Jeeps are so popular, choosing the one that fits you best is probably the hardest part. The best Jeep model is the one that suits your personal needs.

Choosing a Jeep that Compliments Your Lifestyle

If you're just getting into Jeeps, but want something practical, a Jeep Renegade might be your cup of tea. Small, light, and compact, they can allow you the get the feel of 4WD on an everyday basis. They also get fair gas mileage, and won't break the bank for a first car purchase. SUVs are also light on insurance premiums and favored by those companies as less likely to have a claim, so the rates are lower.
You can still go off road though, and do some light trailing. You'll get some experience at how to drive in different terrains (though the ground clearance is at a minimum on a Renegade), and how to get a feel for different situations. Start out small and see where the trails can lead you on your own adventures. The Renegade is also good on the highway and drives much like a car, so there won't be any startling transition from what you may have driven in the past, to driving a 4x4 vehicle. And of course, there's plenty of room for your friends, gear, and pets, so it's an all around practical choice to get you started with a Jeep.

Jeep SUVs Step Up to the Off Road Life With Style

The Jeep Cherokee is a mid size SUV. It's great for if you live in an area that's a distance from the city life at times (rural and country sides), but doesn't lack for the 4WD traction you need, with the comforts of a modern car.
It has plenty of room, not just for the whole family, but can easily pack in the gear you need for traveling, fishing, and camping. For every day life, the Jeep Cherokee is just the right size to park in the city, and show a little style, more than some other so called SUVs that end up at twice the price, with far fewer options. The Jeep Cherokee is no stranger to severe weather and bad terrain when it arrives. With rising water, muddy ruts, or heavy snow fall, you can depend on the Cherokee to get you where you need to go safely. Jeep has sold millions of Cherokees and they're everywhere, for good reason. You can depend on them. The Grand Cherokee is the big daddy luxury of SUVs. No compromises here. Not only does it have a high tech and luxurious interior, it still retains it's 4WD roots and off road capabilities.
It's definitely the best SUV for off road use, and few vehicles can come close to the bar the Grand Cherokee has set so high. In the city, it has the knockout looks to make you feel like a million bucks. But on weekends, hitting the trails for the mountains is no big deal. It really is the vehicle that can take the whole family away from the big city and let you escape daily life.

The Jeep JK Wrangler Flagship

The best known and most versatile Jeep in the world is the top of the line Jeep JK Wrangler. With it's off road abilities second to none, everyone knows a Wrangler when they see it. It's the most desired and most popular Jeep there is. While finding a stock Jeep is like looking for a needle in a hay stack, there's certainly no shortage of parts and accessories for the Wranglers. Modifying the Jeeps is a mantra all it's own, and you can never seem to have enough off road capability. Large tires, lift kits, light bars. If you want to build the ultimate off road vehicle, the Jeep Wrangler is what you want to to start with. Granted, a new Jeep Wrangler JK can cost a few more bucks out of your wallet, but they also hold their value quite well. Not to mention the many hours of fun you and the whole family will enjoy being outdoors at the beach, lake, or the mountains.
2015 Jeep Wrangler

What About Used Jeeps on the Market?

If you're a fix-it kind of guy (or gal), a used Jeep, especially if you're on a tight budget, can be an alternative choice. But just remember that Jeeps are off road vehicles. So they get more heavy use than your average car or truck. Especially the suspension. Value wise, the older Jeeps, like the CJ-Series, are in high demand, and many approach collectors prices on the market. They are probably still less than a brand new Jeep from a dealership, but have fewer comforts for in the city driving. Still, they are simpler to repair, and just about every part on a CJ Jeep is still available in one form or another. So parts are not an issue. The YJ and TJ Jeeps are also gaining popularity as they are a bit newer than the CJs, and have a few more options for daily driving. No matter what style older Jeep you drive, don't even consider gas mileage. That's never really a consideration on a 4WD vehicle, and if you're running a carbureted engine, you'll have to live with what you get. But if the initial purchase of the Jeep is low, and few repairs are needed, you can save plenty of hard cash right there. Initially, if you're specifically looking for a 4WD vehicle, a Jeep is the way to go, hands down. You get the best capability off road, you have access to literally thousands of accessories and aftermarket Jeep parts, and you're getting a vehicle that has a long reputation of getting you places few others can follow. The Jeep life is more than just owning a Jeep. It's putting that Jeep to good use, and getting you outside for some fresh mountain air or camping with the family. Memories that will last a lifetime.

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