We’re not late, we’re right in the middle of the King of the Hammers racing schedule for 2016. Ok, so we’re late for the main event that happened back in February, but there are several more races to come over the rest of the year. Check out our Jeep events calendar to sync up on the remaining races this highly renowned event has planned.

What is King of the Hammers?

For those who don’t know, King of the Hammers, founded by Jeff Knoll and Dave Cole in 2007, is an off-road race in the desert that incorporates rock crawling. Every February, race and 4x4 enthusiasts flock their couches, computers, and Johnson Valley, CA to watch the extreme race. You can watch it [again] here. The race has become so popular that it has expanded into 5 races, including King of the Motos, KOH UTV Race, Every Man Challenge, and ULTRA4 vs. Rock Bouncer shootout. If you’re in the know, you can track each class and racer’s points standing here. There are all sorts of side events that appeal to over 400,000 attendees. It’s a hardcore set of races that only the most experienced 4x4 drivers can best. Check out last year's highlights reel below. Clearly, the race features some of the most serious aftermarket monsters beefed up to epic proportions. Watch as they roll, climb, and dominate piles of huge rocks and treacherous trails. If you want to customize your Jeep for better off-road performance, you know where to find us. Read More:   Don't forget to share pics of your own customized off-road beast on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages!   Have you ever been to the event? Tell us about it in the comments!