Seems like we're talking a lot about Jeeps being on fire today. Police and good Samaritans pulled a Tennessee man out of his vehicle this past Sunday moments before the vehicle exploded.

Accidental Jeep Fire in Tennessee

The man driving a Jeep Laredo was allegedly hit by a passing motorist who drove off and caused him to run into the pole. The accident happened on the eastbound side of I-385 near Memphis. While this is a story about a Jeep fire, it's not a result of a rear-end collision or Jeep recall issue. It's also reported that officials found an undamaged bible in passenger seat of the car after firefighters extinguished the vehicle fire. The driver who was saved from the horrific Jeep fire was taken to Regional Medical Center with minor injuries, while the Jeep was completely destroyed. Check out Fox reporter Lynnanne Nguyen's Tweets for the accident: What do you think about this wild turn of events?