There’s no doubt that Jeep folks, from around the world, are active when it comes to supporting charity events and causes. They have raised awareness and countless dollars to help this who need a hand, from adults to children, young and old. It is one of the things that makes Jeepin' such a powerful family, and forward motion to using Jeeps in a positive way. The FCA and Jeep are working with the Movember Foundation to focus awareness on men’s health concerns. Health issues that include prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and even suicide prevention. With the FCA and Jeep working together, the groups can bring a focus on these issues worldwide. They are encouraging fans to ‘Grow a Mo, Show a Mo’. Drivers can do this by purchasing a Jeep ‘Stache by Carstache” accessory for their vehicle, and attaching it to the front and take the Move Challenge to support the Movember Foundation.

May the Best #JeepStache Win

Fans and drivers can help raise funds and spread the word by posting pictures of their vehicle’s ’Stache on social media, such as Twitter and Instagram. In addition, there will be a contest where drivers can enter to win a 2016 Jeep Renegade, using the hashtag #JeepStacheContest. Jeep will also donate $1.00 for the social media posts that have the hashtag "#JeepStache" (up to $15,000). You could install the Stache on any vehicle in reality, but with the FCA / Jeep involved, it will be a worldwide effort, and through their multiple dealership networks, both the FCA and the Movember Foundation are hoping to bring more awareness to the issues, and raise much-needed funds. The JeepStache by Carstache are available at Jeep dealerships and on (they also have more information at that link about the contest, and how to post your pictures). If you are wondering why the slat grille artwork shows one slat a different color, it is to remind us that one out of every seven men will die from various cancers. Many times they die young. It is a worthwhile cause. Add a 'Stache to your Jeep or truck - spread the word - donate when you can - and enter to win.