This past weekend hundreds of Jeep owners participated in "Jeep the Mac" event in St. Ignace, MI. "The Mac" is the largest suspension bridge between anchorages in the Western hemisphere (thanks, Wikipedia!). The Jeeps were "blessed" before they made their way over the +26,000 ft. bridge to a weekend of Jeep fun and fellowship. The trip started in St. Ignace and ended in Drummond Island. You can watch the news coverage here.

Jeep the Mac Attempts to Beat other Vehicles

According to this St. Ignace event page, one partial goal was to rally Jeep owners to beat other vehicle groups who have previously crossed the bridge in solidarity. Among those groups are Mini-Coopers, ATVs, and farm tractors. The weekend was filled with anticipation for the count as evidenced by this post on the first afternoon of the event, Friday, April 22, 2016: drummond Island FB post Our friends over at also hadn't found out the final count as of April 25th. At the time of their writing this post, they counted as many as 500 jeeps. But it wasn't until later that evening that the Drummond Island Off Road Club came through with the official tally. Jeep-the-mac-official-tally
A whopping 441 Jeeps rocked the Jeep the Mac event. And even after all that tallying, there isn't word on if the Jeeps beat out the other vehicles! No worries though, judging from all the pictures and comments posted on the event page, it looks like everyone had a blast. It should also be noted that many more unregistered and late Jeeps were not included in the count, so there were definitely more than that. With more than 100 miles worth of trails available, a meet and greet, and prize giveaways, the event was well worth the effort. And how cool is it to see all them Jeeps on a ferry? IT'd be so cool to take part in this unique Jeep event next year. So whattya say? Are you going to Jeep the Mac in 2017? Tell us in the Facebook comments section!

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