The Mission Renegade course is Jeep's latest testament to the Renegade's 4x4 capability. Jeep has recreated the course Bruce Wayne conquers in the Renegade amidst the ensuing chaos and havoc of the Batman Vs. Superman film.

The Mission Renegade Obstacle Course

Using a special edition Renegade, course participants got to take on a series of obstacles including, fire, ramps, rubble, and fog. All of this served as a "Grand Finale" to Jeep's sponsorship of the Dawn of Justice film. The campaign entailed several television spots which featured the Dawn of Justice Special Edition Renegade. The event took place in Bicester, Oxfordshire, Britain on April 2-3. I wonder who gets to attend all these cool events. The goal of the course was to showcase how capable the Renegade truly is, and to celebrate the long campaign with a fun event. The Renegade is very popular in Europe and has been accepted into the Jeep lineup amongst our 4x4 loving brothers outside of the United States. The course was created inside of an aircraft hangar, and to make things feel more like the film, the Batmobile was present onsite. While I'm sure the course is exciting, I wonder how it compares to Camp Jeep's set up... Have you bought into the Renegade's power yet? Tell us in the comments.

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