Are you all gassed up and got your traveling gear stowed? Ready to come on by to Morris 4x4 Center's 25th Anniversary Celebration? April 16, 2016, just a couple of days away! You can't miss it! Sure, we've got all the bases covered for a great event. The Jeep Show & Shine, stocked with mild to wild Jeeps, off-road vendors, packed with the latest 4x4 gear, products, and stuff you need to hit the trails. Tents, Trailers, displays, it's a whirlwind of stuff to check out and pick through. But hey, let's get down to the meat and potatoes here. Who's giving what away? And what can you win? You know at Morris 4x4 Center, we don't do anything lightweight. There's a lot of chances to score BIG !

Bestop Gift Certificate

Bestop knows what you want, and they're gonna throw you a bone so you get that soft top you always wanted. They're itching to give away a $ 500.00 Gift Certificate to a lucky winner! Cha-Ching! But hey, if you don't need a soft top, you can get one of their Security Lock Boxes, Cargo Rack, Floor Liners, and many other great Bestop goodies. Make sure you check out the Bestop booth for the latest stuff!

Rugged Ridge Shopping Spree

Rugged Ridge makes so many products, the hardest part is choosing just one. But Rugged Ridge is going to make it even harder. Because one lucky winner is going to win a $ 1000.00 shopping spree of Rugged Ridge products! That's a home run if I ever saw one! So be sure and check out our site for Rugged Ridge items to put on your shopping list, and drop by their booth to see the latest parts and accessories from their team. Nothing beats spending someone else's money to gear up your rig!

Tuffy Gift Certificate

Tuffy's got your covered with a $ 200.00 gift certificate to outfit your 4x4 or Jeep with the latest accessories. We're talking Lock Boxes, Consoles, Speaker Storage, and more. Nothing says security like a Tuffy Lock box, and they make many different sizes, shapes, for Jeeps and trucks, so we know you can definitely put that free money to good use. Check out their booth and see how their boxes work!

Bartact Gift Certificate

Bartact, makers of top quality seat covers, is giving you a chance to win a $ 300.00 Gift certificate! Now you can outfit your rig with some great seat covers that are not only tough, but look great too!

Jeep Club $ 1200.00 Morris Gift Card

Wow! Does that does that sound like something your Jeep club can use? A $ 1200.00 Morris 4x4 Center Gift Certificate? Get your Jeep posse together and boogie on down to South Florida. You might walk away with a $1200.00 Gift Certificate for the Jeep Club that brings the most members! Hey, with gas at the lowest price in years, no Jeep Club can afford to miss out on this chance!

$16,800 in Prizes to Lucky Winners All Day!

That's right, we've only scraped the top of the iceberg here! We have a long way to go and the best 4x4 and off road giveaways ever. Back the truck up and check out this haul from your favorite companies!
  • Drake Offroad Door Handle Inserts & Hood Hold Downs  - Spice up your life and your Jeep with a great set of inserts. Easy to install in seconds.  How about some tough Hood Hold Downs? No more hood flutter, and you get a tight seal!
  • KC HiLites Gravity 6" LED Light Kit - That's right, light the way with these bad boys!
  • Rock Krawler Overland System Lift - Worth over $1000.00+, this kit will get you rockin' for those rails in no time. It's a heavy box if you win it - bring some Jeep friends!
  • Set of 4 Skyjacker Nitro or Hydro Shocks - Skyjacker comes through with a tough set of shocks for your ride. There's nothing second rate about Skyjacker - enter to win a set!
  • Gibson Car Back Exhaust - Get the high performance rumble you're looking for if you win this cat-back system from Gibson.
  • Kentrol Complete Hood Accessories Kit - Kentrol is not giving away one, but THREE kits to three winners! Kentrol is on FIRE!
  • Tereflex Heavy Duty Hinged Carrier - This carrier, nearly a $500.00 value, can accept up to a 37 inch tire! Made from light weight aluminum, it also installs with no drilling.
  • Aries Automotive Front Tubular Doors - Always wanted to try tubular doors? Now is the time to take a chance at winning a pair!
  • Smittybilt Goes BIG  - Smittybilt opens up the treasure box with several great items you want to win - a 29-inch Trail Bag - perfect for offroaders with trail gear. How about a set of Billet Grille Inserts? Easy to install, and designed by Smittybilt. They will also have a Roll Bar Padding Cover Kit, and Neoprene Seat Covers. But friends, that's not all, not by a long shot. Smittybilt gives you two chances to win a  bad to the bone SRC Front Bumper!  I'm pretty sure that's something you can use right there!
  • Warn Zeon 10s Winch - Warn doesn't play around, and steps up to the plate with their ZEON 10S Winch! A whopping $1,249.00 retail value!  Start measuring your bumper now, you just might win that beast!
  • Bushwacker Fender Flares - Running big tires and a lift kit? You want to take a chance at winning a set of Fender Flares by Bushwacker. Valued at $600.00, you can't afford not to take a chance on these babies!
  • Synergy Rocker Guard Set - If you're gonna play hard off road, you gotta get set up, and these Synergy Rocker Guards will protect your ride, and look good at the same time!
  • Mile Marker Receiver with D-Ring - Mile Marker products are swamp tested and knuckle busted to the extreme. Their Receiver is second to none. They're also giving you a chance to win one of their Recovery Kits. These guys live offroad, they know what you like!
  • McGuard Wheel Installation Kits - Hey, you gotta protect what's yours, right? Lock up the goods with a set of McGuard locking lug nuts. You could win a set to make sure those wheels don't go anywhere except where you say to.
  • Alpine Two-Way Speaker Set - Alpine makes some sweet stereo speakers to beef up your tunes. Someone's gonna win a set - it could be you!
  • Warrior Tailgate Table and LED Taillights - You know you always wanted one! Once you install this rough and ready Tailgate Table from Warrior, you'll wonder how you got along all those years without one! But you can't win it unless you join us and enter. If you fish - this has your name all over it! Warrior will also have a set of LED Taillights for you to win  (a  $272.00 value!), so you've  got TWO chances on some Warrior gear.
  • Hella Driving Lamp Kit - Offroad or on, these Hella Driving Lamps will light the way on those lonely trails and open desert highways.  Ready to wind a set? Hella is also giving you a chance to win a Black Magic Driving Lamp set. Either way, someone's gonna' have a great day winning one of those!
  • ARB Portable Fridge Freezer - Fishing, hunting, or out on a picnic, this is an incredible prize to win. It's worth over $800.00+ and ARB is one of the leading companies in these small but robust fridges. If you win this, you may never need to come home off the trail again!
  • Superchips Traildash 2 - Looking to get some 21st century electronics on your Jeep or truck? The Superchips TrailDash features full color, high resolution, and a touchscreen. This puppy is worth $500.00, but wow, it would look great on your dash, right? Take a chance to win it!
  • PIAA Light Pillar Mount Kit - Get some lighting you can really use on your A-pillar with this great PIAA Lighting and mount kit. You've probably seen these on a lot of popular Jeeps riding around, and now you have a chance to win a set of your own. PIAA will also be giving you a chance to win a set of their premium silicone wiper blades.
  • RT Offroad Plays Big on Giveaways! - RT Offroad has got you covered with multiple chances to win some great stuff! How about some Side Windshield Mirrors? There's two chances to win a set of those. Quick Release Mirrors? Yeah, two chances to win those also. FIVE chances to win an RT Offroad fire extinguisher holder. FIVE chances to win their drink holder sets! FOUR chance to win their Deluxe Grab Bar sets. FOUR chances to win Vehicle Recover Kits! FOR chances to win D-ring Shackles. TWO chances to win a differential cover! And THREE chances to win Stainless Steel Hood Hold downs. Whew! Those RT Offroad guys are gonna be pretty busy!
  • Dirty Dog 4X4 - Gives you a chance to win one of the premium Rear Netting Kits. A $ 352.00 value! Protect your gear or ride with your dogs. But you gotta play to win!
  • Yukon Ring & Pinion Installation Package - Wow! Valued at over $1158.00, this is an offroaders dream come true. Now you can gear up for those serious trails and get your rig set up just the way you want it. Yukon has what you want to win - oh yeah!
  • Grabers Front and Rear - Hitting the trails hard? Keep your posse inside with a great set of the Grabers. Hold on tight! Because Grabers has a set up for a giveaway, and you could win!
  • Daystar Cam Can Trail Boxes and Liquid Cam Cans - Daystar is giving you TWO chances to win a Cam Can Trail Box. Store the goods inside, while protecting it from the elements. They look cool too. Ready to win one? Daystar will also have TWO Cam Cans for water that you could win. Be prepared!
Morris-4x4-Center-Prize-Giveaways-PrizesThere ya go, just some of the hot items that you can win!

More Raffle Tickets for Prizes and Giveaways

Those are the big gun giveaways, but there are a lot of other great raffles throughout the day. Many of the Vendors and Manufacturers will have some other giveaways too. Last year we raised a lot of money to help benefit 4KIDS of South Florida, and we're hoping with your support again, we can beat last years donations! Bring your family and friends, it's going to be a great day!

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