Morris 4x4 Center Expands Service with Big Move

Morris 4x4 Center New Biulding Location - Pompano Florida

Here at the Morris 4X4 Center, it's usually a very busy place around here. From the moment we see the east sun peeking over the I-95 highway in the wee hours of the morning, till we see the long shadows of the evening when we leave. Why are we so busy? Because Customer service is important to us. We work hard year after year to bring you the best products at the best prices. Since 1990, we have steadily grown into one of the largest Jeep parts distributors in the country.  It's no surprise that we have the some of the most loyal, and some of the best Customers any business could hope for. You folks rock.   But we have to keep going forward. We have to keep up with new products, new Jeep models, and great new Customers. For us, that means expanding, because we have literally out grown our current location. There's a certain excitement that went along with having thousands of square feet of warehouse space when we moved here, but when we start stacking cases of products in the offices, and you've got to make room for three 18 wheelers outside waiting in line, the old excitement starts to wear thin. So to make sure we give our Customers the best and quickest service we can, and to keep the thousands of products we carry moving in and out at a good pace, we are relocating to another warehouse at the Atlantic Business Center. It's a bigger warehouse. A HUGE warehouse. At 60,000 square feet, we believe this will allow us to continue the service our Customers expect and deserve. With this move, we plan to expand into more types of products and more vehicles. Many Jeep owners also have trucks, and we want to make sure we can service their entire family of 4X4s. We also plan on hiring additional employees and to continue supporting the local community. The new building is not to far from our current smaller location, so we will continue to service local business' and Customers like we always have. While we are excited here at Morris 4X4 Center to make this move, we can't help but thank our Customers who have stood by us and supported us all these years. Sure, it's nice to have some new digs, but the end goal is to make sure we continue to give you the same great service in the future, and we believe this move will allow us to do that, and more. The Big Move isn't till later in the year, but we wanted to let you know ahead of time. Expect new products, new specials, and some other cool projects we have planned. We hope you are as excited as we are, because there's nothing like getting great Jeep bargains from Morris 4X4 Center. Happy Jeep trails!