Morris 4x4 Center Featured Product Vol. 1 The TrailMesh Top from SpiderWebShade is one of our top choice's for Jeep owners world-wide who are looking for a one-piece top to cover front and back seat riders. This high quality, NO-header-needed mesh top is custom and can be configured many different ways and is designed to just fit! Choose your Shade Top for either 2-Door JK's or 4-Door JK's. SpiderWebShade Trail Mesh Top is the most durable material from SpiderWebShade, designed to meet the needs of the most aggressive off-road enthusiast. This material is a unique woven mesh that blocks up to 90% of the sun's dangerous UV rays, keeping your passengers, pets and cargo up to 27% cooler. Trail Mesh Top is a pet, mildew, and fade resistant heavy duty shading fabric made of vynil-coated polyester originally developed for high-end outdoor furniture. Strong enough to resist rips and tears from branches on the trail and flying debris on the road. Trail Mesh Tops is easy to install and is an overall great accessory to any Jeep. That is what makes it one of Morris 4x4 Center's featured product parts. SpiderWebShadeProducts